UAB «Rosser Capital Group» was set up in 2012 with the purpose of wholesale supply of prime polymeric raw materials to processors located in the European Union and CIS.

Our team is comprised of young professionals who have been working on the market of polymeric materials for about 10 years.

The products we offer include Polypropylene (homopolymer, block copolymer, random copolymer), Polystyrene (HIPS, GPPS) and Polyethylene (HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE).







Main suppliers of Rosser Capital Group are the biggest petrochemical companies of Russia. Moreover, we are constantly working to expand the geography of suppliers and carry on negotiations with manufacturers from Europe, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, etc.

Today we successfully supply high quality raw materials to Companies located in Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Lithuania.

Our Clients benefit from receiving constant information support on actual prices, information on trends of polymeric market development, availability of raw materials at manufacturers’ warehouses and technical specifications of materials. Due to our flexible price policy we help our partners remain competitive on the dynamic market.

Our specialists will assist you in finding the material that will meet technical requirements of your production and select analogs which will be more competitive in price.